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Meet Michelle

Owner. Licensed Cosmetologist. Adventurer

I am in love with – my husband & our 2 wild boys! 

I am addicted to – Iced coffee, homeschooling, RV life, FITNESS, outdoors & hiking. Oh and definitely all things hair and makeup 🙂

You will find me dreaming about – BIG travels, tropical islands, warm weather, mountain tops & how to make our little world a more peaceful place to be!

I want to inspire. I want to be the BEST ‘hype girl’ for you on your special day! I want to make YOU feel like an absolute QUEEN, like the BEST you have ever felt… I want to make your wedding day dreams of being the stunning BRIDE come true! 

Let’s make this dream come true. Reach out below!

A little background about me: It all started back when I was a little girl. My mom worked in a salon, so grew up in the world of hair. I believe that where my passion and drive to make hair as beautiful as possible came from! I have four sisters and I always loved playing with their hair and stealing their makeup to try things and create. And, of course, playing with Barbies made it fun too!

Fast forward when I was in high school and I made it my goal to be able to graduate and move into cosmetology school. I started at Regency in Burnsville then onto AVEDA to get further education. 

My first big girl job was Indigo in Red Wing. I was fortunate enough to learn lots of new skills there. That’s where my love for makeup really developed. I absolutely adored working in town and getting to know this place I call home.

Then I had my babies. Two sweet boys to be exact- one has special needs and the other is just as wild and rambunctious as can be! I knew if I wanted to raise sweet boys in this world I needed to have a flexible schedule. 

The AFA program at AVEDA provided me time with my boys. I became an educator and went around to salons in the Midwest area. I did tons of make-up touchups and taught makeup skills. I loved going around to AVEDA salons and meet incredible like-minded people. It made me want to do more hair and more make-up!

That’s ultimately where my love, passion, and joy came from for brides!! I love being that very first person that they get to see on their wedding day. I feel blessed and extremely special to be that person for them! I have been married for almost 10 years now and that being said I know what it’s like! Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you want to feel absolutely stunning- no matter your hair and your make-up dreams! I will promise that I will do everything in my power to create your vision! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your story.️


My hair and makeup couldnt of looked more perfect for my wedding day! You took my vision and turned it into exactly what I wanted. I felt so beautiful.

Katie Reeck, BRIDE